Me at the Edinburgh chilli cook offThanks for visiting my web site. This is really just a place for me to post stuff about my hobbies, which are pretty much playing and making computer games.

I’ve been mad about computer games ever since I first got my hands on the old wood veneer Atari 2600 console at the age of 5. From then on my addiction only got worse as I moved on up through the Commodore 64, the Atari ST, then onto the PC, MegaDrive, Playstation, Nintendo 64 and Xbox consoles.


Here’s a pic of some of my all time favourite games…

Some of my all time favourite computer games

Unfortunately I don’t get much time to play games these days. With a full time job as an IT engineer, being a husband to be and father to a gorgeous wee baby boy, I’m lucky if I ever get 5 minutes to myself. So if I’m not spending what little free time I have playing games, I enjoy spending it actually trying to make them.

I’ve always messed around with half arsed attempts at little games here and there, I find it fun and a great way to improve my coding skills. Have spent some time playing around with LWJGL, got to say it’s very good and I’ve had fun with it but I’m now a total Unity fan, can’t get enough of it, just so quick and easy to get something up and running.

Anyway, here’s a pic of my beautiful home town, Edinburgh, Scotland, where I’m lucky enough to live and work.

Edinburgh Castle

If you’ve read this far then thanks, hope the website is of some interest to you. Feel free to get in touch either here or on twitter and let me know what you think, cheers!

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